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Abstract Management

KAM Events has extensive experience in managing a high volume of academics papers. We will collect, distribute, and return the abstracts for reviewing purposes in accordance with pre-determined timelines using abstract management software which is built into our event management software. KAM Events have a thorough understanding of the importance and detail required to professionally manage a high number of papers and over time have developed an efficient process to ensure that all papers are managed professionally.

Uniquely customised for each and every event's specific needs, we will:

  • Collect abstracts from delegates and invited speakers.

  • Pre-format all submissions to your own conference-specific standards.

  • Enable the submitters to edit and review abstracts online.

  • Allow the submitters to include images, tables and figures.

  • Provide online reviewing facility for your committee (Note: this can be set up for blind reviewing).

  • Enable special committees to review only award applicants.

  • Produce a complete and accurate index of all authors.

  • Email selection results to all applicants.

  • Output all abstracts in an ordered manner for online and/or print publications.

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