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Registration Management

KAM Events has developed a streamlined process to accurately collect and record delegate registrations in an efficient and reliable practice. We guarantee that there is a maximum of no more than one business day turn-around in forwarding confirmation to delegates.

KAM Events uses specialised cloud-based event software which includes the following:

  • Set up a custom and secure online registration page, which will ensure registering is an easy task for delegates.

  • One delegate login - Delegates only need to fill in their profile information once. Each delegate has a centrally stored login and profile. Makes registering for this event, and the next, easy.

  • Flexible Attendee Types and Flexible Registration Types: including Member, Non-Member, Trade, Student, Invited Speakers... Full Registration, Day Registration, Workshop Only... There is no limit to the number of registration types or ticket types. Each attendee or registration type can be enabled, disabled or have a different price.

  • Unlimited Dinner Tickets, Workshops, Field Trips, Accompanying Persons: Sell tickets to any optional add-ons in your event. You have full control of the number of tickets, costs and allocations.

  • Any number of questions can be asked during the registration process such as attendance of social functions. These can be targeted to any type of attendee, addon or registration type. These questions can be answered by yes/no, drop down boxes, checkboxes or free text

  • Automatically generated invoices, certificates of attendance & visa letters where necessary

  • Credit card payments can be taken securely over the system

  • Allows accommodation bookings at time of registration

  • Delegate profiling

  • Collects special dietary requirements and special needs

  • Keeps track of each delegate's financial position and overall performance of every part of the event's finances with overviews and detailed reports that are forwarded to you on a weekly basis.

  • Our software has undergone stringent testing by one of the leading security-based IT experts in Australia and you can be assured that it is one of the most secure systems available

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